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Christian TikTokers Featured in ‘Rolling Stone’

I admit, Rolling Stone running a feature article on a trio of Christian content creators was not on my bingo card. In a recent article titled “How Three TikTokers Used God to Find Surrealism,” the major publication shines a spotlight not just on the viral TikTok videos but also on the creators’ devout Christian faith.

Grant Beene, Frankie Lagana, and Jericho Mencke, who are all in their early-to-mid 20s, have quickly garnered a reputation for their bizarre, surrealist comedy sketches. The videos have accumulated millions of views on the social media platform, and the creators themselves have amassed millions of dedicated followers. Yet according to the Rolling Stone feature, they attribute God’s prompting and answer to prayer as the catalyst that led them to download the app and begin exploring their unique brand of comedy.

At the end of the article, each of the three collaborators shares a small part of his testimony and how faith in Jesus remains at the core of who he is and what he does. From converting from atheism to reigniting teenage faith, each has a unique faith journey. It is the kind of open and honest declaration of faith that does not frequently grace the archives of Rolling Stone.

Much of the creative content Christians produce today typically focuses on more traditional areas. After all, it seems that we may be heading toward a “Bible Cinematic Universe” as the hit series The Chosen expands its ambitious scope. But these three TikTokers are a reminder that God-given creativity can be directed toward many different ends, even short and surrealist nonsense sketches that make viewers simultaneously smile and scratch their head. With millions of followers and a spotlight feature in Rolling Stone, these young creators appear to be leveraging their creativity and, perhaps paradoxically, using surrealism to point toward the objective truth of their God.  

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