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Comedian/Actor Russell Brand Gets Baptized, Shares Testimony in Video

Christians sometimes view Hollywood as the embodiment of godlessness, but there has been a movement of spiritual awakening within the industry in the past few years. Several celebrities, including wrestling legend Hulk Hogan and iconic tattoo artist Kat von D, have recently declared their faith through public baptism. Now actor/comedian Russell Brand joins the list. In a video posted to Instagram, the celebrity shared about the “incredible, profound experience” of being baptized.    

In the video testimony, he contrasted his baptism experience with his previous habit of turning to substances for satisfaction and being left disappointed by their inability to deliver the “tranquility and peace, and even transcendence” he sought. In contrast, he describes his baptism as “overwhelming,” claiming he has already “felt changed.”  

Brand acknowledges that the news will likely be met with skepticism. He has always been a controversial figure, and his career has been anything but a straight line. He started as a comedian, transitioned into acting, and more recently rebranded himself as a cultural/political pundit and spiritual guru of sorts.   

The darkest clouds hanging over his reputation are the multiple allegations of sexual assault and rape, which were the subject of a 2023 documentary. Investigations are ongoing. As of now, he has never been convicted in a court of law, and he fervently denies the accusations. Even so, he has distanced himself from his old life. He declares in the video, “This is my path now, and I already feel incredibly blessed.”  

Celebrity conversions often draw polarized responses. Some Christians default to skepticism, while others are quick to point to the celebrity as a spokesperson for the faith. The Bible is clear how heaven responds: with much rejoicing among the angels (Luke 15:10). While all salvations are equally praiseworthy, it is noteworthy from a cultural perspective when the new believer has a sizable public platform, as Brand does. Christians can give thanks for Brand’s spiritual journey and pray that God will use his testimony to draw many more to faith. 

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