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Dallas Jenkins (The Chosen) Recognized as One of Hollywood’s Most Influential Writer-Producers 

The Hollywood Reporter recently published its annual list of Hollywood’s most influential writer-producers. As expected, the list features many recognizable names, including Jon Favreau, Donald Glover, Mindy Kaling, Tyler Perry, and others. A newcomer to the list that may be less familiar to readers is Dallas Jenkins.  

Jenkins may not have the mainstream name recognition of some Hollywood power players on the list, but his inclusion shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has paid attention to the entertainment industry in recent years. Under his guidance, The Chosen has gone from being a successful crowdfunded campaign to a megahit that continues to shake up the entertainment industry in unprecedented ways.  

The Hollywood Reporter writes:  

“The man behind The Chosen may have launched his Bible series outside the system, but Hollywood has since swooped in. In fact, the most successful crowdfunded TV series of all time is now available not only on a cadre of independent apps — where it’s been watched 600 million-plus times — but also on Peacock, Amazon Prime Video and The CW. A full-blown phenomenon in many corners of Christian culture, the faith-based drama created and directed by Jenkins has spawned best-selling books, DVDs and loads of merchandise. Its fourth season will roll out first in theaters beginning in February. Lionsgate, which distributes The Chosen globally, has already lined up the suddenly red-hot Christian filmmaker to adapt The Best Christmas Pageant Ever for film.” 

For decades, faith-based storytelling was a largely ignored sideshow happening outside mainstream Hollywood, but that narrative is changing. Dallas Jenkins’ recognition by The Hollywood Reporter is another sign of Christian media’s increasing influence. Faith-based films are drawing larger audiences than ever before, and the entertainment industry is forced to take notice.    

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