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“I Just Want Jesus”: Iconic Tattoo Artist Kat Von D Gets Baptized and Shares Her Christian Faith 

Kat Von D is one of the world’s most accomplished tattoo artists. She became a household name as the star of the TLC reality show LA Ink. With an instantly recognizable goth style, she has spent much of her life in the public eye. Recently, she found herself in the spotlight once again, this time for a different reason.    

Several weeks ago, she posted a stunning video on Instagram documenting her Christian baptism.  

Now Kat Von D is opening up further about her faith journey. She made an appearance on the popular podcast Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey, during which she discusses her past, the viral Baptism video, and how Jesus has radically transformed her life.  

She explains that sharing the baptism video was an intentional and important moment for her: “For so many years I was putting out a message that makes me sad I was even a part of. So, for me to publicly proclaim this was me setting some things right.”  

She also describes her decision to throw away her books on witchcraft and the occult, even getting rid of some books on topics like meditation and yoga. She shares, “I just want Jesus.”  

Later in the interview, she acknowledges that while many Christians have welcomed her into the community with open arms, others have expressed skepticism. Due to her past and outwardly dark aesthetic, some Christians have said that they are waiting to see if the conversion is “legit.”  

In response, she powerfully describes her transformation as “a complete deprogramming,” saying that if these skeptics could see into her heart and mind before and after her salvation, their “minds would be blown” by the radical changes. She is not planning on changing her iconic outward fashion style, but a beautiful transformation has taken place on the inside.    

Kat von D is thoughtful, well spoken, and clearly radiates with the joy of Christ throughout the interview. You can listen to her full conversation with Allie Beth Stuckey below: 

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