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JESUS: A New Animated Movie Coming in 2025 

Faith-based films are now a staple in Hollywood. It’s no longer shocking for biblically based movies to succeed at the Hollywood box office. But it wasn’t long ago that religious films were still a novelty, and cinema was an uncharted frontier for Christians.  

One of the early pioneers of the modern faith-based film movement was the JESUS film. Since its release in 1979, the movie has been used as an evangelistic tool around the world. It has often been heralded as the “most watched movie” of all time, with estimates as high as 7-8 billion viewers. It also holds the Guinness world record as the “most translated movie” ever, having been made available in more than 1900 languages.  

For all its success, the movie is now four decades old and no longer groundbreaking. To that end, the Jesus Film Project has recently announced that they are currently developing a new animated JESUS film that is set to release Christmas 2025.  

The press release explains that the animated film will “re-imagine the original JESUS film, using much of its dialogue but in a refreshed script,” and will eventually be available in more than 2000 languages. The announcement also provided some details about the creative talent involved in the project: 

“Our production partner on the film is the animation studio Premise Entertainment. This team is comprised of world renowned biblical scholars and archaeologists, alongside gifted and experienced digital artists whose credits include Pixar, Disney and Star Wars films. These creators are utilizing ground-breaking digital innovations to deliver a film which can be viewed across various platforms, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and the Metaverse.” 

Angel Studios’ megahit series, The Chosen, has demonstrated that there is a lot of public interest in cinematic depictions of gospel stories. The Jesus Project’s animated film now has the potential to reach younger audiences. For decades, the original JESUS film has been used as a tool to help share the gospel around the world. Christians can pray that this new animated JESUS film will carry on that same legacy and mission.   

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