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Popular Faith-Based Show ‘The Chosen’ is Getting a Theatrical Release

Jesus is once again making his way onto the silver screen. Over the last several years, The Chosen has exploded into one of the most watched and talked about faith-based TV series of all time. The show has earned a reputation for being a fully crowdfunded production and for its snappy “binge Jesus” slogan and controversial marketing strategies. Now, it’s giving viewers a new way to experience the story by releasing the first two episodes from the upcoming third season into movie theaters across the nation.   

The one-week event will be offered through Fathom Events, which also gave a theatrical release to the show’s 2021 Christmas Special (which set a Fathom Events record by earning more than $10 million at the box office). The two episodes will be available in theaters from November 18th—22nd, while the remaining episodes will be released digitally on The Chosen app and various other streaming platforms.

Will you be going to see Jesus on the big screen? You can get your tickets here.


  • Daniel Blackaby

    Daniel holds a PhD in "Christianity and the Arts" from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author/co-author of multiple books and he speaks in churches and schools across the country on the topics of Christian worldview, apologetics, creative writing, and the Arts.

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