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“Reacher” Star, Alan Ritchson, Champions The Importance of Faith-Based Films

With an imposing physical presence, actor Alan Ritchson’s Hollywood career has primarily been defined by action roles. He made his acting debut as Aquaman in the CW superhero show Smallville and later appeared in The Hunger Games franchise. More recently, he has played a breakout role in the Amazon drama Reacher. But later this year, Ritchson will showcase another side of his acting talents when he stars in Ordinary Angels, a faith-based drama from the studio behind Jesus Revolution.

In a Zoom prayer call related to the film, Ritchson shared his passion for the upcoming project and his desire to participate in films that inspire and unite people in a divisive culture: “We need that. I want to be a part of stories like that . . . to be able to utilize my talents for something that is more wholesome like this is wonderful.”

Ritchson said he was drawn to Ordinary Angels because he relates to his character’s spiritual struggles and questions: “I don’t think we can talk about an honest faith without talking about pain, and the questions that come along with that. That’s something that resonated with me.” He has confidence that the film will inspire audiences as well, as it “taps into that divine root.” 

At the end of the call, Ritchson encouraged viewers to “continue believing in these kinds of films.” He shared that after the success of Jesus Revolution, he received a call from a major studio seeking his involvement to help spearhead a new faith-based division. “This movement is real,” he said. Hollywood execs are constantly monitoring which films are profitable, thus “it matters that these films get support. Other people in town watch this and a groundswell takes place in Hollywood that changes things in a real, meaningful way.”

At the end of the day, it’s not just about these faith-based films turning a profit; it’s about their impact on society and on individual hearts: “People are hearing the name of Christ in movie theaters,” he concludes. “If that’s where the pulpit is for people who wouldn’t normally step foot in a church, then that’s still a great way to have that conversation.”

The Jesus Revolution – Alan Ritchson, Kevin Downes, & Jon Gunn (03/24/2023)
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