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‘Reacher’ Star Alan Ritchson Responds to Criticism About Playing the Role as a Christian

Amazon Prime Video’s smash-hit show Reacher recently launched its second season. The series, which is based on the popular Jack Reacher books by author Lee Child, features breakout actor Alan Ritchson in the lead role. Beyond his imposing physical presence and acting talents, Ritchson is also a Christian who has been outspoken about the hope he has in Jesus.  

Many Christians have celebrated Ritchson’s willingness to use his growing Hollywood platform to share the gospel, but others are critical of his creative choices. Of particular concern is the perceived incompatibility of being a Christian and playing a role like Jack Reacher, a morally ambiguous character in a violent and mainstream Hollywood show.  

Recently, Ritchson shared a short YouTube video in which he responds to these criticisms. He shares why he is passionate and thankful to have the opportunity to play such interesting roles and characters, and he talks about the hope he has found in following a creative God. Watch the video below. 

Gritty roles such as Reacher have not prevented Ritchson from exploring more overtly faith-centric and religious stories. His next appearance in movie theaters will be in Ordinary Angels, an inspiring faith-based film from the creators of Jesus Revolution. The film hits theaters on February 23rd

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