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“The King of Kings”: New Faith-Based Animated Film in Development about Charles Dickens & Jesus  

Charles Dickens makes any shortlist of history’s greatest writers. The English novelist was the most famous author during his time, and his reputation remains high. Countless films and TV miniseries have been adapted from his prolific canon of work. But now, for the first time, a film will take inspiration from one of his least-known writings.  

The Life of Our Lord lacks Dickens’ customary literary flourish. It is instead a retelling of the gospel put in simple language for a young audience. The book is perhaps his most personal, having been written exclusively for his children and not intended for public consumption. One of his great-great-grandchildren explained,  

“He wanted his children to learn about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in as plain and simple a way as possible, and he decided that the best way to achieve that was to write it himself and give it to his family as a gift.”    

The book was a guarded family secret until it was finally published after the death of Dickens and his children. Now it will join the ranks of Dickens’ better-known works by receiving a film adaptation.   

Mofac Animation, a studio based in South Korea, has revealed that they are producing an animated feature film called The King of Kings inspired by The Life of Our Lord. The film is being directed by Seong-ho Jang, with a screenplay by Jang and Rob Edwards (The Prince and the Frog, Treasure Planet). The animated film will feature a talented voice cast, including Kenneth Branagh (as Charles Dickens) and Uma Thurman (as Catherine Dickens).  

The film will center on Charles Dickens, his son Walter, and their cat Willa as they explore the story and mission of Jesus. Director Jang shared his vision and purpose for the film:   

“For the past 2,000-plus years, the story of Jesus has been told and retold in countless ways across virtually every country on the planet…. The added joy of this little-known iteration is that you see the story unfold not only from Charles Dickens’ unique literary perspective, but through his son Walter’s eyes — which ultimately provides young viewers with even greater access and understanding of who Jesus was and all that he represents.”  

Production on the film is said to be nearing completion, although the studio is still working to find a distribution partner. No release date has been shared. But given the history of The Life of Our Lord, a Christmas release seems likely. 

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